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Shaggy Ink Caps

These shaggy ink caps are growing in one of my horses’ fields this week.  My Dad used to make shaggy ink caps on toast for our tea 🙂

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The most dangerous bridleway gate?


On the Herefordshire / Monmouthshire border between Welsh Newton Common and Ganarew.  This is near my own stable yard. Watch the video and decide for yourself. This gate packs a serious punch and is too dangerous to try and take a horse through.

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Pine Marten seen in England for the first time in 100 years


A pine marten has been seen in Shropshire – the first positive sighting of this mammal in England for 100 years.
The pine marten lives in and around woodland and is nocturnal.
They have been persecuted by man for game, fur, and as vermin and were hunted by dogs for sport in the past.
Another reason for their decline is habitat destruction, though the Forestry Commission recognised this and began to protect the pine marten.