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SHOWER is Horse of the month – Harry’s Horse

Shower has been chosen as Horse of the Month by Harry’s Horse ! He has won a personalised Harry’s Horse saddlepad.

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Local police info – how careless reading can lead to misunderstanding

Whilst sitting in the dentist waiting room this morning, I flicked through a regional magazine. Under the heading “Neighbourhood Policing Team” I read the following advice (that I thought related directly to dealing with the police) :
1. You don’t have to answer.
2. Stay polite throughout.
3. Keep conversations brief, the more you talk, the more they can find out.
4. Never discuss your plans, appointments, or give out your telephone number or date of birth.
5. If you are offered any literature, politely decline it, or accept it and say that you will read it later.
Sound advice, I thought, for dealing with a knock at the door from the neighbourhood policing team – until, of course, I realised that the article was referring to cold callers/salespeople at the door 🙂