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Horse shoe art


I love this  – made entirety from horse shoes, and located in Ritzville, WA.



animals, equestrian, equine, Horses, Photography

Another prize !!


Twinkle received a competition prize again today. This is a tub of NAF PROFEET pellets that she won in a Facebook competition 🙂
She has already started using NAF Hoof Moist in the summer as her feet are prone to cracking.


Burning Britain’s Forests


By Paul Homewood


David Rose highlights how government incentives to burn wood are making big holes in our forests.

One gloomy day in March 2012, Pip Pountney, recently retired from Warwick University, went for a walk in Ryton Wood near Coventry with Ann Wilson, a former textile chemist.

Ryton’s 216 acres are described by its owners, the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, as ‘one of the largest semi-natural ancient woodlands in Warwickshire’. A Site of Special Scientific Interest, it has long been famous for its bluebells, which flourished every spring beneath a canopy of English oaks.

But what ex-teacher Pountney and Wilson saw looked to them like utter desolation. They came across a stand where about 50 mature oaks, some 300 years old, had been felled the previous winter. Their trunks lay in ragged piles, some sawn into roundels.

Around two-and-a-half years ago, in December 2012, Bickerton Hill in Cheshire was covered in trees

Around two-and-a-half years ago, in December 2012, Bickerton Hill in Cheshire was…

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I’ve been rumbled but I don’t care (says Shower)


Shower has been a bit nappy recently. I think it may be due to discomfort in one or both hind fetlock joints, as he did have a slight problem as a yearling.
My friend sent a message saying that he was intelligent and was probably just testing my resolve. She could be right, of course, so I showed the message to Shower and this was his response (see photo!!)

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BOOK – Crystal Healing For Horses


Crystal Healing for Horses by Hilary Boughton offers a modern, scientific approach to the ancient practice of using the power of crystal vibrations to rebalance energy fields.
Information is presented on the science behind crystals, methods of use, and application of the principles to horses. A comprehensive crystal directory describes 50 commonly used crystals and quick reference guides help the user to choose the most appropriate crystal. Illustrated throughout with colour photographs.

About the Author
The author has had a lifelong interest in horses, running a breeding, livery and training stables. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Eric Duncanson OBE, a nuclear physicist who worked with Lord Rutherford and James Chadwick during their particle disintegration experiments, and shares his passion for the study of atomic particles and unravelling the mysteries of their energies.

Available as a paperback on Amazon.

animals, Crystal Healing, equestrian, equine, Horses, Humor, Humour, Photography

Spruced up


I gave Shower a polish yesterday and tied him up outside my barn for a quick photoshoot. He’s quite nosy and was more interested in looking at whatever he could see in the distance rather than posing for the photos !!
I might enter him in some Online Horse Shows, so will post my results on this site (unless I fail miserably, in which case I shall keep quiet!!).