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No fear, or simply lazy?!!


It isn’t obvious from this photo, but it was very windy when I took this photo and the flapping plastic bunting was quite noisy. This is apparently called ‘ground work’. Personally, I’d call it ‘getting out of doing some real work’.


3 thoughts on “No fear, or simply lazy?!!

    • I spent a whole morning setting up obstacles for a young horse I have that is quite spooky and came from an equine charity. He walked through/over everything without any fuss at all. He walks over tarpaulin without hesitation but he still hates puddles!

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      • lol. I had one years ago that didn’t like drains in the street. Our most recent horse has had a really bad past, she watches the others with ‘objects’, ok she hides behind a tree while watching lol but it’s kind of easing her into it.

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