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My book on Kindle !!


I’m not a professional writer but I wrote this book following endless requests. It’s a true story (mine!) but I’ve changed all the names to preserve the anonymity of those concerned. I hope that readers will find it interesting. It’s not all doom and gloom – there were many funny moments, particularly as the story progressed.
The behaviour (both good and awful) of the police, and the limitations of the mental health system are exposed in the book. I hope that it provides some insight into what goes on in these organisations. My reason for writing this book isn’t to make money – I really do feel that it’s important to publicise such incidents because knowledge is power, and is the way to change the system, and therefore lives, for the better.
I received a criticism on WordPress that the book cover wasn’t very inviting. This did occur to me during publication but I couldn’t come up with an image that I felt conveyed the contents of the book. The most suitable cover was one of darkness and emptiness. If you read the book, I think that you’ll understand. The book is published on CreateSpace so I can’t change the cover unless I publish a second edition.
I’ll be doing a book promotion in July. Unfortunately Kindle won’t allow another promotion until my next Kindle Select period.


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