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Book – Crystal Healing For Horses


Crystal Healing for Horses by Hilary Boughton offers a modern, scientific approach to the ancient practice of using the power of crystal vibrations to rebalance energy fields.
Information is presented on the science behind crystals, methods of use, and application of the principles to horses. A comprehensive crystal directory describes 50 commonly used crystals and quick reference guides help the user to choose the most appropriate crystal. Illustrated throughout with colour photographs.

About the Author
The author has had a lifelong interest in horses, running a breeding, livery and training stables. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Eric Duncanson OBE, a nuclear physicist who worked with Lord Rutherford and James Chadwick during their particle disintegration experiments, and shares his passion for the study of atomic particles and unravelling the mysteries of their energies.

Available as a paperback on Amazon.


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