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No horse riding thanks to foot surgery


I have been unable to ride for 3 weeks, so far, due to having minor surgery on my left foot. I had some bone removed and the remaining bone was then rasped smooth – not dissimilar to a farrier trimming and rasping a horse’s feet!
I didn’t go to any nurse or doctor appointments following surgery. I changed the dressings myself and my friend kindly removed the stitches whilst I sat in a chair in her dining room drinking red wine. I’m no longer using crutches but I’m becoming bored of not being able to ride my horse or drive my car. The good news was – this operation didn’t hurt at all. I had a bit of throbbing but no pain whatsoever.


3 thoughts on “No horse riding thanks to foot surgery

    • That sounds nasty! I was originally going to have a pin and a bone graft but I suggested an alternative. The surgeon said no, but I persisted, and he sent me for a CT scan and agreed to just remove bone. My joints are so solidly fused due to arthritis that they stay in position even when part of the bone is taken away.


      • Yikes! I’m only 18 but the doctor said there’s very definite chance I’ll develop arthritis in this area and need to get them fused later in life…oh well, as long as I can still get up on a horse!


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