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Words of poetical wisdom

“A truth that’s told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.”
William Blake.

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Local police info – how careless reading can lead to misunderstanding

Whilst sitting in the dentist waiting room this morning, I flicked through a regional magazine. Under the heading “Neighbourhood Policing Team” I read the following advice (that I thought related directly to dealing with the police) :
1. You don’t have to answer.
2. Stay polite throughout.
3. Keep conversations brief, the more you talk, the more they can find out.
4. Never discuss your plans, appointments, or give out your telephone number or date of birth.
5. If you are offered any literature, politely decline it, or accept it and say that you will read it later.
Sound advice, I thought, for dealing with a knock at the door from the neighbourhood policing team – until, of course, I realised that the article was referring to cold callers/salespeople at the door 🙂

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An evening with William Blake


I took this slightly strange photo a couple of days ago. I was messing around lying on the floor next to a book ‘The Life of William Blake’ and took a photo with my phone to show what I do when I’m on my own (!!!). I’ve edited out the writing on the book and the logo on my hoody using the Retouch app on my phone. Apart from that the picture is untouched. It’s rather spooky and I’m quite pleased with it. I wish Mr. Blake was really watching over me like this – then my poetry might be better 🙂


Gates of Paradise

I guess that many people on here will have already read this, but my favourite book from the village phone box is ‘Gates of Paradise’ by Beryl Kingston. I have been an admirer of William Blake for many years and was delighted to find that Beryl depicted his character exactly as I had imagined him. If anyone hasn’t yet read this book, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed if you can find the time to read it.